Hedge Maintenance for Your New Garden

Hedge Maintenance for Your New Garden

3rd November 2023

Welcome to the joyous yet intricate world of garden hedges! Whether you’ve just introduced a lush hedge to your property or inherited one with a new home, understanding the right time for trimming is crucial for maintaining their splendour and vigour.

Each hedge is a unique living structure, comprised of diverse plant species, each with its own trimming timetable. Discerning this schedule is essential to keep your hedges in prime condition.

Understanding Hedge Growth Cycles Hedges typically undergo two key periods of growth. The first burst occurs in spring, followed by a secondary growth phase in the warmth of summer. These are crucial times for the hedge, and it's advisable to let them flourish untrimmed during these periods.

Best Time for Hedge Trimming For optimal results, the period between the end of winter and the very onset of spring stands as the ideal time for a trim. This window allows you to shape your hedge without disrupting its peak growth phases, ensuring that its form stays intact for an extended duration.

Frequency of Hedge Trimming The initiation of your hedge into the world of pruning, known as formative pruning, is a once-off event, ideally scheduled for late winter. Subsequent maintenance trimming to preserve the hedge’s aesthetics and health should be annual, with allowances for up to thrice yearly for hedges that demand a more manicured appearance.

Approaches to Hedge Cutting The variety of your hedge will inform the method of pruning it requires. Formal hedges benefit from consistent trimming to maintain sharp lines, while informal hedges bask in the liberty of less frequent cuts, primarily to encourage health rather than form.

Tools of the Trade For a casual, naturalistic hedge, secateurs and loppers are your allies, allowing you to shape without imposing strict lines. On the flip side, formal hedges necessitate the precision of a hedge trimmer to achieve those clean, straight edges.

Considering the inherent risks and skills involved with hedge trimmers and precise cuts, especially for formal hedges, enlisting professional assistance is often the wisest choice.

L&J Outdoor Services: Your Hedge Care Experts Seeking expert guidance or hedge maintenance services? L&J Outdoor Services is at your disposal, offering professional hedge cutting and tree management solutions. Our expertise ensures that your garden hedges remain a source of pride and joy throughout the seasons.

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