Do You Really Need a Garden Fence?

Do You Really Need a Garden Fence?

4th June 2021

At L&J Outdoor Services, we offer all sorts of gardening services, and aim to make your garden the loveliest place it could be. On some days, that can simply mean maintenance, while on others, we’re tasked with fully redesigning someone’s garden. Yet on other days, we spend the afternoon fencing someone’s property. Who knows, the next person we do that for might well be you!

Let us show you why. Do you own a garden? Good. Then we’re halfway there, already.

Why do you need a garden fence?

For some people adding a fence to their garden is simply about the aesthetics. A garden needs to be fenced in, because that gives the impression it’s finite. In other words, it adds to the garden’s beauty. And to tell the truth, we get that! We see why a fence might make your garden prettier, and we’re 100% behind you on this decor decision.

But that’s not the only reason you might want a fence. At L&J Outdoor Services, we offer fences that will protect your garden against any and every type of predator. See, the thing is, your garden’s great. And we’re not the only ones who think that. Rabbits, squirrels and even snakes, they all think the same, and they want to come in and take a closer look.

Our fences prevent them from doing that, and keep you and your garden intruder-free.

What types of fences are there?

We hear a lot of people say “oh, a fence would look ugly in my garden”. To those people, we can only say… you haven’t found the right fence, yet. Our L&J Outdoors Services selection of fences is as diverse and inclusive as possible.

We offer you plastic, wooden and metal fences, for your convenience. That way, you can easily adapt the fence to your existing garden, and not have it clash with your existing aesthetic. Our fences also come in a variety of different shapes and patterns. Once again, some of these are more focused on keeping wildlife out, while others are simply there because they’re pretty. Hey, they both work just as well!

We can do you a traditional white picket fence. How does that sound? Too old school? Not to worry, you can feel like a complete outlaw with a simple, yet effective, chainlink fence. Not that, either?

Don’t sweat it. Instead, call us. We’ve got a vast array of different fence designs and styles, and with a little luck, we may just have the right one for you. So why don’t you tell us what kind of fence you’re looking for, and we’ll do our very best to match your needs?

At L&J Outdoor Services, we offer fencing in Brentwood as a family-run business with competitive, unrivaled prices. What’s more, we put love and dedication into each fence erected, so you can trust we’ve got you and your garden’s best interests in mind when we put in that fence!

Please contact L&J Outdoor Services for more information.

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