Complete Guide to Growing a Vertical Vegetable Garden

Complete Guide to Growing a Vertical Vegetable Garden

7th July 2021

Are you low on space? Do you feel like you do not have enough area to harvest your love for gardening? Well, you’re in the right place. Learning to navigate vertical gardens will help you make the most out of whatever space you have available. Here are a few of our top tips for vertical garden ideas.

Hanging Wall Planters

Don’t have enough space on the ground? No problem, look up, and you’ll find the answer there. No, we don’t mean heaven; try out the ceiling and the walls. Empty walls in any household can be utilised for planting. There are tons of stands and hooks available out there, with the help of which you can fix plants on walls.

Plant Towers

Are you short on space in your garden but still want to have more plants in there? Making plant towers is a quick and space-saving process to add many plants to your garden without taking up any more space than you were in the first place. This idea is perfect for all those of you who plan on having herbs or leafy greens in your garden. They can all be stacked on top of each other. However, make sure that the one you stack on is smaller than the one down below.

Hanging Baskets

This is one of our favourites because of how inconvenient and effortless it is. Hanging baskets can be easily bought from home care shops, or you can customize your baskets. All you would need is a shoe organizer and a hook, and you’re good to go. These can be hung in different places in your apartment. Make sure to water them daily, and you can beautiful cherry tomatoes and peppers growing in these baskets.


Like baskets, shelves are another easy and safe method to grow tons of fruits, vegetables, and plants in your garden without having to worry about ground space. Sure, you might not have the area horizontally to put in a bunch of pots, but everyone has walls in their house. Pick one that gets a sufficient amount of sunlight, and you’ll be good to go.

All you have to do is firmly hook planks into the wall and make them secure to withstand the weight of the pots. Slats are the perfect type for vertical planting. These have air circulation space and even space for the water to trickle down to the ones below as you water the ones on the top.

Ladder Garden

Do you have an old ladder stashed away in your garage? It’s time to bring it out for planting purposes. Make sure that you have enough space in your garden to put a ladder, and the rest can be done easily. Bring in different sizes of pots and plants that you can either place on different steps of the ladder, or you can hang them from these steps. Just ensure that you bind them tightly, and you can have a DIY ladder garden.

Vertical gardens are the perfect idea if you want to keep your love for planting alive while having a limited amount of space for it. Bring in experts such as L and J Outdoor Services and Landscape, and they will take care of your garden for you.

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