6 changes to make your garden safer for your dog

6 changes to make your garden safer for your dog

4th August 2021 | Green Tornado

Gardens are the perfect place for you to bond with your dog. So many fun activities revolve around the garden. You can exercise, play catch, or just laze around the sun. However, dogs and gardens are nothing short of a chaotic combination. Most dogs tend to destroy gardens with their diggings, while gardens can also prove to be a health hazard for dogs. Here are a few ways in which you can make your garden a safe place for your dog so that you can both enjoy the great outdoors together- the way it's meant to be!

Use fences for security

Fencing your lawn or garden can mean that the wild patch of chaos it represents suddenly becomes a controlled enclosure you can oversee. Fencing allows for peace of mind that your dog is safe from the uncontrolled elements and hazards beyond your property also limits the damage your fluffy best friend can do. Once fenced, your lawn is the extent of reach for your canine until you take him for walks and hence can prove to be a safe space for your pet to lounge in comfort as well.

Select sturdy border plants

Border plants can be the make or break to affording safety and privacy to your adoring pet. While diminutive and discreet flowery plants make for very aesthetic garden border additions, they afford no favors to your fluffy fellows in keeping them where they belong. Securing sturdy plants from a bespoke outdoor service and landscape store can go a mile in ensuring the safety of your pet and often those around you.

Plant non-toxic plants

One commonly overlooked detail is how we often plant pretty plants without understanding the risk they bear to our pets. Some vibrant plants can prove toxic upon contact or consumption to our pets and can cause a multitude of problems, from dizziness and allergies to even diarrhea, vomiting, and death! A renowned outdoor supplies store can guide you in picking plants or identify your existing lawn plants to assist you in this regard.

Create a dedicated play area

Sometimes, a lawn becomes too curated for letting a pet wreak havoc, and given a dog's need for fun and a fair bit of naughtiness; it is only fair your fluffy friend has a place to let all that energy off without testing your flowerbed. A dedicated play area can be a sandpit or any designated corner of your lawn that has Fido's toys and where they are led to play when in the mood.

Use solid paths

Dogs are habitual diggers often, and the best way to curb their habit of turning your walkway into a gravely mess can be to use solid paths made of tiles or bricks. These resist not only the destructive nature of your pets but can also be made with a view to having your dog trained to tread on them only and not over your flower beds.

Seek out professional help

Last but most importantly, caring for your dog while also maintaining a top-notch lawn can be a delicate if not a herculean task, and what better way to offload your worries than to bring in renowned experts such as L and J Outdoor Services and Landscape as they will take care of your garden- and all your garden dwelling canine for you. So, make a call at 08007880623 and start your journey to an impeccable lawn today!

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