How frequently should your home’s gutters be cleaned?

How frequently should your home’s gutters be cleaned?

3rd September 2021 | Green Tornado

Gutter cleaning in your home may seem like a small task but it's a job we all seem to put off and avoid at all costs! Cleaning the gutters regularly is essential to maintain your home in good condition and protect it against any potential damage like leakage.

Not only does gutter cleaning keep your home as clean as a whistle, but it also helps in avoiding water freezing, moisture accumulation and pest infiltration.

Why cleaning your gutter is essential?

Gutter cleaning can save you from some of the following significant problems that most homeowners usually face:

Cracks in foundation

The cracks in roofs and walls are one of the biggest headaches. Not only do they damage our homes, but also the repair can cost you an arm and a leg. But as they say, prevention is better than cure. By keeping your gutters clean on a regular basis, you can protect the foundations from any possible cracking.

Mould Growth

When left unattended, the small twigs and leaves cluttering up the gutter start to decompose. The decomposition is followed by mould that is a severe threat to not only the exterior of your home but also your health. Before the mould starts to grow, it is best to remove the leaves clogging up the gutter in time.

Bird's nests and insects

If you wake up to the noise of loud birds chirping every day, then there is a mighty chance that a bird has built its safe haven on your gutter. Birds and insects love to nest inside and around gutters, so make sure that you clean up the leaves and branches to avoid these uninvited guests.

How often should you clean your gutter?

The real question again comes down to how regularly the gutters should be cleaned? Most experts recommend that the cleaning should ideally take place twice a year. But again, it varies for each home and your locality.

In general, there are some factors that you can put into consideration to determine the frequency of cleaning.

During winter season

For people residing in colder regions, ice and snow are major problems. When the temperature falls to freezing point, the water in the gutter turns into ice that can put a load on them.

Although cleaning up ice from gutters throughout winter seems like a daunting task, in the long run, it saves your roof from damage often caused by seepage.

Every five months for a house with tress

If you have a pine or similar tree shading your home, the leaves and pine needles are likely to clog up the gutter. So, make sure you check the gutter every five months.

After a heavy storm/rainfall

Make sure to inspect your gutters after heavy rainfall or a severe storm. This is because debris, branches and leaves settle in the gutter that can lead to unexpected blockage.

We understand that home improvement can be intimidating at times. If you are hesitant about taking the job on your own, it is best to schedule your gutter cleaning with a professional.

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