Pruning: Do You Really Need It?

Pruning: Do You Really Need It?

10th January 2022 | Green Tornado

Even the most amateur of gardeners has heard it said that pruning is an important aspect of the gardening process. And naturally, the more skeptical among you will wonder, is that really necessary? If you water your plants, and trim your lawn, do you really need to do any more?

Well, the short answer is yes. Here, at L&J Outdoor Services, we tend to get this question a lot, and we’re often required to explain why professional pruning services are actually in your garden’s best interest.

So what do we mean by pruning, exactly?

Pruning is a complex schedule of trimming, cutting, and shaping your plants and your garden in order to maintain the best possible health for your plants. Yes, plants need sun and water to grow, but they also require a lot of attention to thrive. That’s what we do.

Usually, pruning services are required a few times a year, at regular time intervals, to see the best results in your plants. Depending on the types of plants and trees you have in your garden, you will require the following services:

Raising is a process through which the low-hanging branches of trees are cut to offer more space;

Topping is a rather extreme, but really useful pruning method that involves severing all the tree’s branches down to the trunk, to teach the tree to grow a certain way;

Thinning is a process by which we remove some of the branches of your tree or shrub, to improve appearance, and light penetration.

What are the benefits of pruning?

Pruning offers the dedicated gardener several benefits, both in the long and short term.

1.Pruning increases the lifespan of your trees.

When a tree is left unattended, the dead and rotten branches become hazardous, both to you, and to the tree itself. Regular pruning removes such dangers, and makes room for new, healthy branches to grow.

This also deters pest infestations, which might endanger the life of your tree, and even your entire garden.

2.Pruning protects you.

Trees that are left to grow wildly become a serious danger, in case there’s a storm, or other natural event. They also pose a threat to you and your family, because they have a higher rate of falling branches, due to rot.

Trees that are regularly cared for are less likely to hurt anyone.

3.Pruning makes your garden pretty.

Last but not least, pruning has the very obvious benefit of maintaining and improving the appearance of your yard and garden. By forcing your trees and shrubs to grow in a well-defined and neat manner, you’re making your backyard look better, while also making a better impression on neighbors and passers-by.

Should you DIY or call a professional?

While DIY pruning may be tempting, it’s best to leave the job to a professional. DIY pruning is dangerous both for you (since it requires you to ascend to high altitudes), but also to the tree, since improper care can actually damage it.

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