Summer Gardening Tips

Summer Gardening Tips

6th July 2022

Summer Gardening

Summer is the most demanding season for your lawn. Warm weather, inconsistent rains, and excessive footfall test your turf. Later in the year, stress and pressure may manifest as bare patches. If you plan to scarify and aerate your lawn in autumn (highly recommended), acquire a quote from L&J Outdoor Services and book your appointment early.

  • Feed plants with a spring-summer formula.
  • Established lawns don't need watering, but young sod must never dry out.
  • Mechanical or chemical weed control
  • Move furniture, toys often
  • Regular mowing promotes a dense, durable sward.

Trim bushes

Summer hedges might look untidy after a spring growth spike. Hedge trimming is crucial for garden structure, so do it now.

Check for nesting birds first. If your hedge produces autumn berries, you may wish to delay hedge pruning because the berries feed birds in the winter.


A dusty patio doesn't entice you to relax or eat outside. Sweep, weed, and clean hard surfaces. Incorrectly utilising a pressure washer or detergent can damage paver mortar and surfaces. Ask your landscaper about discoloration-preventing sealants.

You should grout your patio now. Driveways require specific materials. If unsure, consult a L&J Outdoor Services.

Pots and Planters

A colourful planter enhances any garden. Pots and planters can be fitted between plants if you're expecting guests or if your flower borders are between spring and autumn.

Because plants in pots and planters can't access groundwater, keep them well-watered. If you're going on vacation this summer, build an irrigation system. Some systems can be operated from a smartphone, so you can save water if it rains.

I recommend feeding container plants weekly. Ideal is a tomato feed. High phosphorus stimulates blooms.


You can still mulch your borders. Thick mulch conserves moisture and controls annual weeds. It improves soil structure over time.

Keep flowers blooming by deadheading. Watch for pests and diseases.

Take note of what looks good or bad. Photos help. If you have bare or dull sections, add extra plants or get a L&J Outdoor Servies to prepare a planting plan for you.

Buildings, fences

Garden lacking colour? Worn-out wood fences? Paint them while the weather is nice.


If you're lucky, your vegetable garden could yield a bumper harvest. In the greenhouse, tomatoes and peppers are maturing, onions are drying, and herbs are fresh.

Remember to keep feeding and watering fruit and vegetables, and sow certain crops throughout the summer for a succession of food. Salad leaves, turnips, beets, spring onions, and radish grow swiftly till frost.

July and August are perfect for growing Christmas potatoes. When the weather cools, put them in deep pots to transport into the greenhouse.

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