How to Care for Your Lawn In Autumn

How to Care for Your Lawn In Autumn

7th September 2022

Summer months provide sunshine for your lawn, but there isn’t always sufficient rain to accompany it, leaving lawns dry and needing some TLC. The end of summer marks the start of the new year for gardens, with lawns recovering from the heat and seeds being sown. So, how do we ensure we provide the best care for our lawns in autumn? Read on to find out.

Lawn Treatments

Autumn-winter lawn feed will help strengthen the roots of lawn plants. While they may not grow on the surface, they work underneath the soil. Lawn treatment in the colder seasons is often lower in nitrogen as they are not encouraged to grow at the same rate as in warmer seasons. Aerating and scarifying your autumn lawn is a great way to boost drainage while helping roots embed deeper.

Lawn Mowing in Autumn

Your lawn should be mowed frequently in autumn to prevent fungi that grows in damp conditions. Overgrown lawns provide the ideal environment for damaging diseases to form, and mowing will keep the height of the lawn down while helping to air it. It is important to consider a few things when mowing an Autumn lawn:

Blades – The blades of the mower need to be very sharp.

Frequency – One or two mows in the autumn won’t work. You should aim for weekly mows.

Clippings – Ensure clippings are collected and disposed of accordingly.

Lawn Height – Aim for between 3-5cm.

Remove Obstacles – Toys, pegs, sticks, and furniture must all be removed from the lawn before it is mowed.

Clearing Leaves

Leaves left on a lawn can cause bald patches. Although removing leaves from your lawn seems like a never-ending task, it pays off in lawn health. You could use a rake, a leaf blower or your mower. Why not create a compost bin with your autumn leaves? Although it takes a few years to break down, you will eventually have great mulch.

Seeding and Turfing

Laying turf in autumn produces fantastic results, and while turf can be laid year-round, autumn is the prime time. The same goes for sowing seeds, as the lawn will not be used as much in the colder months, giving them an excellent chance to thrive.

While we have looked at the best ways to care for your lawn yourself, it is often best to enlist the help of a specialist. Consult a landscaping professional, such as L&J Outdoor Services and Landscape, for help with maintaining your autumn lawn.

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