Hedge trimming know-how

Hedge trimming know-how

14th October 2020 | Green Tornado

Keeping hedges trimmed and cut is a sure way to keep the landscape looking beautiful and tidy. Hedge trimming or cutting to a certain shape can be an art form in itself and even being able to cut a hedge straight may prove harder than it looks. Here’s how you can keep your hedge looking its best all year round.

Sometimes serving as boundaries, hedges will need to be kept under control, neat, tidy and free from dangerous branches that stick out. They can also block out light when left to grow too large, which can create dark shaded spaces to gardens, pathways or inside homes and workplaces. Hedges can also obstruct walkways in which the public may need to pass by. So, it’s always good to keep your hedge in-check regularly.


Prune your hedge by removing the thickest branches first. Always best to start from the base, to enable healthy regrowth. Ensure you prune a new hedge for the first couple of years, once they have been planted. Maintenance trimming is advised to be carried out once or twice a year, or three times for formal hedges. An informal hedge will have more of a natural shape to it, whereas a formal hedge would be cut regularly to a certain shape that’s very neat and tidy.

When do I prune?

Maintenance trimming can be done during mid-spring to summer. However, all trees and shrubs will have slightly different times, so always best to follow guidelines according to which tree or shrub you have. Regular pruning encourages new growth with healthy-looking leaves and flowers. Without pruning, you risk an untidy, tired-looking shrub that could spoil the look of your lovely garden.

Best tools for the job

First things first, you’ll need safety goggles to protect your eyes from small loose cuttings, as you trim the leaves and branches. For small, below eye level shrubs, we would recommend shears. Anything larger, an electric trimmer would be best to tackle the thicker stems with.

Always ensure your shears are well lubricated for an easier trimming experience.

Here at L&J Outdoor Services, we have been trimming hedges and shrubs for years. If you would like help or have any questions regarding an overgrown shrub in your garden, then please give us a call on 0800 788 0623 or 01277 286504.

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