10 Signs You Need to Have Your Gutters Cleaned

10 Signs You Need to Have Your Gutters Cleaned

7th September 2023

Gutters serve a crucial role in safeguarding your home but are often neglected when it comes to regular maintenance and cleaning. Clogged or dirty gutters not only tarnish the aesthetic appeal of your house but can also result in significant structural issues if left unattended. L&J Outdoor Services offers a professional gutter cleaning service designed to identify and address these problems before they escalate. Here's how you can identify when it's time to seek expert help.

Unusual Animal Activity Near the Roof

Animal movements close to your roof often suggest that your gutters need a thorough clean. Accumulated debris in gutters makes an inviting home for creatures like birds, squirrels, and even stray cats. Ignoring this could escalate into a rodent issue.

Excessive Plant Growth

Overgrown weeds or plants sprouting from your gutters are a glaring indicator that it's time for cleaning. Plants thrive when enough soil and nutrients accumulate in the gutters, which is never a good sign.

Evidence of Stains and Mould

Overflowing or blocked gutters can cause water to splash against walls and roofs, resulting in stains and mould. These are not only unsightly but can become health hazards if not dealt with promptly.

Leaky Roof

A leaking roof is a severe problem and often indicates blocked gutters. When rainwater has nowhere to go, it accumulates on the roof, leading to leakage, which could turn into a costly affair.

Compromised Brickwork or Walls

Long-term neglect of gutter cleaning can result in water overflow damaging the structural integrity of your home, manifesting as cracked walls or weakened brickwork.

Gutters Overflowing

Overflow is a clear sign of clogged gutters. What starts as a trickle can turn into a torrential downpour of problems if not addressed timely.

Slippery Surroundings

If you observe that the areas around your home become notably slippery, especially after rain, this could signify blocked gutters causing water to spill over and accumulate on walkways.

Sagging Gutters

Gutters filled with debris can become too heavy for their supports, leading to sagging and even potential collapse in severe weather conditions.

Seasonal Weather Changes

Each new season brings different weather patterns, affecting the condition of your gutters. Use these transitions as reminders to have your gutters cleaned.

Lapsed Cleaning Schedule

If you can't recall when your gutters were last cleaned, it's time to contact the professionals.

We're Here to Help

At L&J Outdoor Services, we excel in offering comprehensive gutter cleaning solutions for both residential and commercial properties. Don't let clogged gutters turn into bigger issues. Contact us today to schedule your next gutter cleaning appointment.

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