Ideas to get your garden ready for spring

Ideas to get your garden ready for spring

9th February 2021

Garden owners are always excited when spring is around the corner. It is a start of a new growing season, which every gardener strives to keep up with. The small window of time you get before spring is for you to start thinking about ways to get your garden ready.

The not too warm or too cold weather is the perfect time for you to get some of your gardening tasks done. The plants are slowly coming out of their dormancy and will gradually adapt to the warm weather.

Whether you’re more interested in vegetable gardening or strive for a beautiful looking garden space with a generous smattering of flowers, we have listed below tips that will be of great help to you to get your garden ready for spring.

Get rid of winter weeds

No matter how well you weeded throughout the winters, there are chances that a lot of it got covered in the snow if your area experiences heavy snowfall. Regardless of cleaning it occasionally, to fully kick start your spring cleaning, you need to take stock for the clean-up.

Are your garden tools adequate for the job? Is a hoe enough? Should you rent a tiller?

There will be some beds that don’t require heavy-duty work, just a light till does the job, but you might need to borrow a rototiller for others.

You can also use a pre-emergent herbicide containing corn gluten to disrupt weed seed germination for up to three months. Try to clear the weeds right after rain; that is when the soil is softest, and the weeds slip out easily.

Prune summer-flowering shrubs

As winter slowly takes its leave, the end of it and the start of spring is an ideal time for you to prune flowering shrubs that are going last till June all through fall. This is especially for those looking to create a more aesthetically pleasing and decorative garden.

Flowering plants like butterfly bush, clethra, smooth hydrangea, beautyberry, etc., are some that bloom on wood that grows in the spring season. Thus, no worries about cutting flower buds that formed last year.

Add support

A new season means new kind of plants being introduced or reintroduced to the garden. Look over your potting area to see if you have a potting table to make repotting plants easier. Sterilize whichever pots need it.

Tall plants like hollyhock or any climbers will need stakes around them when their growth is small. This is important to do right at the beginning of the season, so the plants don’t become too unmanageable later on. If you are too late to this, it is also likely that your plant will see more stem breakage, poorer growth, and insect infestations.

Clear the edges

While you might have weeded out most of the problem areas in your garden and it now looks seemingly clean. This is prime time for you to inspect any broken edges of your garden beds. If there are any, it gives room for weeds to start growing into the beds as the lawn begins to grow.

You can even lay a row of bricks around the beds to keep the weeds out. This might also elevate how your garden looks and give it more structure.

Springtime is great to explore new kinds of plants, vegetables, or fruits for your gardens. The only requirement is your consistency with keeping the garden clean and taken care of. Who knows? Maybe you will find exciting surprises in the form of new flowers as you visit your garden.

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