How to Keep Cats Out of the Garden?

How to Keep Cats Out of the Garden?

5th March 2021

Cats are adorable creatures, we all agree, but they become not-so-adorable when they run throughout your garden, all over the freshly made beds, or dig around in your well-cared-for space.

Being regularly faced with unwanted feline visits is normal for homeowners, especially those that have kept gardens for a long time. This also means we’ve all been able to figure out humane ways of dealing with cats to deter them from entering our gardens.

If you’re new to gardening and are having to tend to your garden more than needed, here are tips that will help you keep cats out while maintaining a clean lawn.

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

An ultrasonic pest repeller is a deterrent unit that emits an ultrasonic noise that is only audible to pests and flashes a strobe light to scare and keep cats away effectively. You can install it in your desired location, make sure that it is one of the possible entryways for cats. It provides a 40-foot range of protection from cats but also ensures that they are not harmed.

Cats automatically move away when they hear irritable sounds. However, you don’t have to worry about hurting the cats as these are only mildly irritable to them.

Motion Activated Sprinkler

Most cats hate water, and this is something you ought to use to your advantage when trying to keep cats away from your garden. A motion-activated sprinkler senses an animal’s heat and movement up to 35ft away using infrared technology. If an animal is detected, the sprinklers turn on, and there is a sudden burst of water combined with noise.

This safely and effectively deters all kinds of animals from coming into the garden. You can choose when to activate them and when you don’t want them turned on.

Scent Diffusers or Natural Substitutes

There are some scents that cats absolutely hate. Especially citrus peels, cats steer clear of citrus peels. You can scatter orange, lemon, or lime peels all over the surface of your garden beds. Or plant lavender, rue, lemon thyme throughout the garden.

This is doubly beneficial; not only does it attract pollinators, but it also deters cats from coming into your garden. You can sprinkle some brewed coffee grounds over the soil. If you don’t have any, your local coffee shop will be more than happy to help.

There are commercial cat repellents available in the market that imitate the smells of predator urine. Choose ones that are non-toxic and organic so they don’t harm the cats nor your plants.

Even after your efforts, there might be one or two exceptions that will still try to visit. The best you can do is create a physical barrier to stop them from coming. Installing tall fences will be a great way to keep cats out of your garden and create a cozy space for you as well.

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