Pruning and Hedge Cutting in Brentwood

Our hedge cutting services in Brentwood take the pressure off home and property owners when it comes to postponing much-needed jobs around the garden and property perimeters. A neat hedge will give your home curb appeal and a well-manicured look.

With any garden, hedges, plants and shrubbery can get out of control, causing a nuisance to yourself, neighbours or passers-by. Hedges are sometimes used as a privacy measure but can prevent natural light from entering your home or cause obstruction. Our professional gardeners can help you let the light back in whilst still allowing privacy.

If your hedge is looking a bit tired, a good trim will revitalise it, encouraging new growth and giving it a fresher look. This also aids in the prevention of diseases and keeps your hedge looking green and full throughout the year.

Being able to provide hedge cutting in Brentwood is a service we take pride in. With highly skilled people on our team, you can be confident that your hedge will be taken care of by a professional, with the right tools for the job and carried out in a safe manner.

We provide all your pruning and hedge cutting cutting needs from your roses to your shrubs and trees. Pruning at the correct time of year is important not just to look beautiful but will also benefit Growth and maintain the health plants and shrubs. Healthier plants mean better flowering and fruiting this also extends the life of the plant.

We also prune/ Clíp and treat all your Formal topiary shrubs eg balls and spirals etc. we can also create a particular shape. When we are cutting topiary planting we only use Japanese shears and clippers which provide the best and cleanest cut. We also regularly when clipping always have disinfectant to clean the blades so no disease can be passed on to the plants.

If you live in Brentwood or any one of the surrounding towns and need a skilled gardener to trim or cut down your hedges, then please give us a call on Brentwood 01277 286504

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