Lawn Care In Billericay

Lawn Care

There's so much that goes into lawn care in Billericay. You want your lawn to look the best it possibly can, but sometimes you just don't have the time to do it. That's why it's a good idea to call on us here at L&J Outdoor Services & Landscapes, as we can offer you the very best in lawn care. Here's what we do to make your lawn the best it can be.

Mowing Services

Mowing your lawn is probably the most time consuming gardening job out there. It takes a while, especially if you want to do it right. Because of this, you have to sacrifice a good chunk of time out of your weekend in order to get the lawn cut and in good condition.

Your free time is precious though, and that's why you should look into lawn care in Billericay. We can come on a regular schedule, and ensure that your lawn is properly cut and cared for. We'll cut the grass to make it neat and tidy, and then clear away any clippings so you're left with a lawn that you can enjoy.


Mowing the lawn isn't enough to keep it looking healthy year round. Sometimes, you're going to need to fertilize the grass to keep it fed and looking lush. Not sure how to do that? Not to worry, as our lawn care service in Billericay can do that for you.

We'll be able to assess the needs of your lawn, and choose the right fertilizer for you. We can apply it on a schedule that suits your lawn's needs, and you'll be able to see a real difference sooner than you'd think.

Pest Control

Pests are one of the biggest threats to your lawn. No matter how well you're taking care of it, if a pest decides to get in your garden and start burrowing, that's going to lead to holes in the lawn, as well as brown patches where they dig.

It's frustrating, but it is something that can be handled by our team. We'll be able to detect what kind of pest is causing the problem, and take action to remove them. Once they've been removed, we can then help you stop them from coming back and doing damage to your lawn.

Weed Control

Another common enemy of your lawn is the weeds. No matter how well you keep up with weeds, they're always back in your lawn, ruining the look of it. If you were very serious about trying to keep them away from your garden, you'd lose so much time. That's why it's always better to use lawn care in Billericay to help you stay on top of them.

We'll be able to help you keep weeds down by using appropriate products, and hunting down weeds that have already taken root in the lawn. We'll take the time to remove them for you, so you don't have to.

Disease Management

No one wants to think about their lawn coming down with disease, but this is something that can happen. As the weather patterns in the UK change, you may find that you have infections in your lawn that are affecting it. Some only affect the look of your lawn, while others affect its growth, but either way you don't want to let it keep spreading.

With our lawn care in Billericay service, we'll be able to identify any disease and manage it for you. This includes fertilising the lawn as needed, and using scarification and aeration. We'll also be able to tackle disease that has taken hold, with several different solutions available dependent on the disease we identify.

Seeding Services

Is your lawn looking thin, or are there bald patches that are ruining the look of the lawn? We can help improve it by seeding the lawn. We'll put together a seed mixture that will complement your current lawn, as well as grow into a hardy grass. You'll soon see the difference it can make to your lawn.