Pressure Jet Washing services in Billericay

L&J Outdoor Services and Landscape have been serving our precious customers in Billericay for many years now. We provide customized services for your private and commercial property, garden maintenance, landscaping, jet washing, fencing, gutter cleaning, window cleaning, hanging baskets, and many other related services. With L&J Outdoor Services and Landscape, you can expect personalized garden and estate care at a nominal price. In case you find it too exhausting to clean your garden every now or then, you have an estate which is too big for you to maintain personally, or just want to add a little joy to your garden, we can provide you the best of the services at your doorstep. There is no compulsion for a one-off visit or regular visits; you can opt for either and leave the rest on us.

Pressure Jet Washing in Billericay

Living in Billericay, if you are facing the problem of faded and grimy walls, driveway, patios, or outdoor area of your house, you need deep cleaning through pressure jet washing. Pressure jet wash can make any area look almost like new in just one wash. We provide commercial jet washing services as well. So, if you are looking to get your car park, private roads, communal areas, or any property site thoroughly cleaned, you need to hire our pressure jet washing services.

State-of-the-art Washing Systems

At L&J Outdoor Services and Landscape, we use specialized pressure washing systems. These machines are adjustable for any kind of shape of surface area and are eco-friendly. There is hardly any harmful chemical used while pressure washing the area. We provide a complete guarantee for any kind of damage done to the property or any surface. The area where pressure washing is carried out is warned by putting up signs. Strict health and safety procedure are followed throughout the process to ensure the security of the people involved and property owners.

Well-Trained Operatives

Our staff is professionally trained to carry out these procedures by following the provided guidelines. The operatives are fully able to understand which areas can be applied for pressure washing and where it would bring damage to the property. Therefore, they are extremely careful and advise you accordingly. There are various types of “dirt”, which can only be categorized by an expert. The approach used to remove a specific type of dirt is only suggested by the operative. After adjusting the machine as per the required pressure, washing is carried out. Machines are equipped with biodegradable chemicals that are not harmful to the environment.

High Quality Pressure Washing in Billericay

In case you are looking for a specialised agency for cleaning your long due pressure washing of outdoor area, L&J Outdoor Services and Landscape are the way to go. Any inexperienced company can leave you with permanent damage. We provide the most durable services in Billericay.

We are only a short drive away from Billericay! Please contact us on 01277 286504 for more information.